A symptom tracker for autoimmune and invisible illness

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Track all your conditions together

Track multiple conditions

Chronic illness is rarely as simple as a single diagnosis. Flaredown tracks everything in one place so you can understand how they interact.

Test any treatment

Test your treatments

Name any treatment and Flaredown will show you when you took it and how your disease reacted, so you know exactly how well it’s working (or not!)

Find your triggers

Track your triggers

Wondering if stress is causing your disease to relapse? Maybe weather or food? Track everything you worry about so you can sort out the real problems.

Connect with people like you

Connect with people like you

No one understands chronic illness as well as our community! Ask questions, get support, and connect with people who share your experiences.

What people are saying

I've been using this app for years to track symptoms & medication. So useful!!! https://t.co/yfRpYYCfdx

— Lia Pas (@lia_pas) June 29, 2017

@flaredown app is amazing. Track symptoms, meds, pain levels, journal, etc. Per day. It's been amazing - definitely would recommend.

— abby sams 🦈 (@abby__sams) April 9, 2017

Here are just some of the conditions our users are tracking:

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