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Find your triggers and treatments

Flaredown is the most comprehensive symptom tracker ever created.


Choose from over 200,000 foods to find sensitivities and eat healthier.


Track dosage, find side effects, and test out your meds.

Natural Treatments

Thousands of supplements and alternative interventions.

Mental Health

Log stress, mood, depression, anxiety and much more.


We auto-track temperature, humidity, precipitation, and more for you.


Exercise, sleep, habits, and other activities.

Create your own

If we don't have it, you can add it.

Customize your symptoms

You are unique. Monitor the health issues that matter to you all in one place.

Health profile

Effortlessly track your health

Flaredown will check in with you daily to make consistent tracking easy.


Share your history

Send a visual health history to your doctor, family, and friends.


Be part of the community

Share advice with people like you.


What people are saying

Built by patients, for patients, and free forever.

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Can other users see my health data?

No. Your health history can only be seen by you. The only way another Flaredown user even knows you exist is if you choose to post in the chat section.

How does Flaredown use the data?

Flaredown's dataset can help us find out what triggers chronic illness and how to better target treatments. We anonymize the data and share it with data scientists and researchers. You can see the exact dataset they get access to right here.

How does Flaredown make money?

We don't! Initially, Flaredown was funded by a crowdfunding campaign. It's now supported by creator Logan Merriam.

Does Flaredown support my conditions?

Yes! Flaredown supports all conditions, here's a small selection of the thousands that our users are tracking:

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