Meet the team making Flaredown happen

Logan Merriam

Founder and Designer

Susie Odneal

Community Coordinator

Thomas Hunter

Android Developer

Scott Gorlick


Landen Melton

Android Developer

Monika Hathaway

Press Advisor

Davide Papagni

Web Developer

Salvatore Ferrucci

Web Developer

Peer Karmaus

Data Scientist

Graydyn Young

Data Scientist

We also wouldn't be here today without these fine people

Graham Powrie

Developed the first version of Flaredown

Colin Gorrie

Data science advisor

Cole Cunningham

Created the original iOS app

Margot Pawell

Fundraised, branded and created our colors

Hannah Michaelson

Helped create Flaredown's first community

Robert Shippey

Bug tester and fixer